Belize Blue Hole

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10 Facts About Belize Blue Hole

1. Great Blue Hole is more than 100 m (328ft) deep. 2. Great Blue Hole is around 150,000 years old. 3. Great Blue Hole was originally located inland. 4. Many species of sharks live in or near the cave. 5. The name was coined by a diver

10 Facts About Belize Blue Hole

6. Great Blue Hole is a part of lighthouse Reef Atoll. 7. Depth of the hole was first charted in 1971. 8. Great Blue Hole is a World Heritage Site. 9. Only experienced divers are allowed to descend, others can snorkel. 10. Itza Resort is the only beach resort near to Blue Hole.

How to Visit the  Great Blue Hole

1. See the Belize Blue Hole from the Air, lets get the best sight of the iconic photo found all over the internet.

The flyover of the Blue Hole is done with Tropic Air  from Belize City, San Pedro or Caye Caulker

2. Enjoy snorkelling & diving when staying at Itza Resort

There a plenty of Flights from the US to Belize

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