Your Checklist For Travelling To Belize

As Jacques Cousteau put it back in the 1970’s, the diving hotspots off the coast of Beliz are among the best in the world and offer tourists a chance to see the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean Sea up close and personal. The Itza Resort welcomes all diving skill levels however and ensure that even if you’re not there to dive, that you have a great time regardless. The resort itself is located a good few hours boat ride off the Belize City Coast, and so it is crucial that you pack everything you need and know what to expect from the island retreat, a good 50 miles away from any other human settlements. Below are some of the vital Itza Resort must-knows, so you can be prepared for your stay.

Pack Sunscreen

You’ll be spending a lot of time in the sunshine, and with the idyllic warmth of the Itza Resort and the magnified intensity of water filtered UV rays, you’ll need to pack protection. However prone to sunburn you are, you don’t want it to ruin your trip, and so find the right SP level for your skin tone. It is also wise to invest in waterproof and coral friendly sunscreen, as you’ll undoubtedly be spending a lot of time in the water.

Long Caye boats only travel on Wednesdays and Saturdays

Long Caye BoatsWhen you book your travel to Belize airport, make sure that you are aware of the timings for our boat services. Seeing as the Itza Resort is located off shore, you’ll need to time your flight to correspond with our sailing times. Seeing as our boats only travel to and from Belize on Wednesdays and Saturdays, it is wise to book your flights for these times as well.

Pack your electronics and chargers on your person

For the journey from Belize to Long Caye, you will have your luggage packed separately. Due to the lengthy journey from the airport to our Lighthouse Reef Atoll accommodation, any luggage which missed your flight or was left at the airport will have to be delivered the next day. It is for this reason that when you board the boat to the Belize Diving Resort, you pack your essentials on your person in a hold all or rucksack. This is especially important for those on medication.

Boat rides take a good 2 hours

boat ridesBoat rides to and from the Itza Resort take a good two hours to travel. This means that you should keep on your persons your camera, swimwear, medication and sunscreen, ensuring that you are packed for a two-hour journey where you won’t have access to your luggage. There are many photo opportunities during the journey, your ride will most likely take you past traditional fishing barges and even pods of dolphins or wales!

Remember your divers license!

divingWhen visiting the Itza Resort, remember to pack your divers license. It’s very unlikely that you’ll get a chance to head back to the mainland, let alone your home to retrieve it. And post to and from the island can take a long time. Diving without a diving license is illegal, and so to fully capitalise on the resources at our resort, it is well worth double checking that you’ve packed this crucial document.
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