Belize Language, Dollar and Location

What You Need To Know About Belize!

Belize is a fascinating country. In the post, we will explain Belize’s Location, about the Name Currency and Language. We will also write about Belize City and the Airports in the Country. This information may be very useful when you want to book a Package in Belize.

Lets breakdown Belize Location!

If you would pull out a Map of the World and try to find Belize. You will first have to locate the continent of the Americas. This content is divided into two, most notably North and South. It is at the very beginning of the Southern part of the Americas you will find Central America. A region which begins from the southern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, in a manner of speaking, south of Cancun. Our Tiny Central American Country is bordered by Mexico to the North and West and South by Guatemala and East by the Caribbean Sea. Our location puts Belize just two and a half hours (2:30hrs) from the United States of America by flight. With all that said, Belize is located in the deep south of the US, just past Mexico on the east side.

Dose Belize Speak your Language?

The Country’s first language is English, this came from being a former British Colony. After 1981 when the country got independence, the United States Culture begins to influence the language. Many Belize Speak English like that of Califonia, in our opinion. Although English is the primary language, Spanish is widely spoken, Other languages and Mandarin and German. Local language would by broken down in English Creole, Garifuna and Maya by the Manyan People. There is no need to learn a language before coming to Belize. Although most locals will understand English, you may have some challenges understanding what they are saying when speaking back to you.

The Currency of Belize is easy to learn!

Awww! Currency. This probably the easiest topic to cover here. Some years ago the Belize Dollars was tied to the US Dollar at $2 to $1. This means to convert US dollars to Belize Dollars just times by 2. Why convert from US to Belize Dollars. Don’t bother, the US dollar is accepted everywhere is in the Country. You can pay for Groceries, Accommodation as well as other services at an exchange rate of $1 US for $2 BZD. The 2 to 1 rate does not apply to the Financial institution, where the exchange rates depending on the market at that time. note: ATM won’t issue money is US Dollars

Wondering where the name Belize Come From?

Belize is spelled two ways, but not like the list below. While they may be the pronunciation in deffrent language, we are not sure about that.
  • beliz
  • belieze
  • balize
  • beloze
  • beleize
  • beliez
The name Belize has Scottish origins. This Scottish buccaneer Peter Wallace pretty much named the area after himself, Wallace. With a bit of inlfuence from the Croele the spelling change from Wallace to Wallix. Later the Spanish would have little influrnence on th area and translate Wallix into Vallis. because of the Spanish and English language influence Vallis stick around for a long time spelt either Vallis or Ballis. These to spelling of the named sticked around for about a century. When interest was renewed into the area it is Became know as British Honduras then to Belize as we  know to day.

A breakdown on Belize City.

Belize City Airport and other Airports in the Country

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