Sun Soaked Activities to Enjoy in Belize

Belize is well known for being one of the most idyllic spots in the Caribbean Sea. If you’re visiting with the hope of getting involved in some heart pumping activities, then the Itza Belize diving resort is the best option or you. Not far from the Great Blue Hole, the Itza island resort offers up a wide range of exciting activities. Whatever your skillset or interests, there’ll be something to suit you when staying in the beautiful Caribbean Sea. Whether its exercise or relaxation your after, check out these incredible activities you can enjoy when visiting one of the best diving locations in the world.


Diving with Itza will no doubt be one of the most magical experiences in the world. With a wide range of reefs to explore, including Belize blue hole diving, the possibilities for both seasoned and beginner divers are almost infinite. Pair that with the warm and calm waters, alongside the colourful atolls, diving promises to be one of the most enriching of the Belize experiences. What’s more, most hotels in the area are fully equipped for divers, with professionals and experts on hand to answer any questions for you. Although they are, there will be few questions when swimming deep down into the beautiful Caribbean with up to 100 feet of visibility and pristine blue welcoming you.


Underwater snorkeling through coral reef near Ambergris Caye, BelizeIf you’re not a confident diver, or the thought of the deep blue hole makes you go cold with fear, then maybe try a spot of snorkelling instead. With snorkelling equipment available all around the Itza Resort, we have you covered for an idyllic shallow snorkel through the sea. With the amazing visibility, you’ll still be able to see the fish and coral in the world below the water.

Bird Watching

Bird Watching BelizeThe islands of Belize offer up a wide range of animal life. The beautiful bird specimens you’ll find in trees range up to 500 different species. One of the reasons for this is that Belize is still made up of around 60 percent of forest, the canopies making the perfect habitat for rare birds. With bird sanctuaries located all around the islands of Belize, you’ll hopefully find rare animals such as the Black Catbird, and even Pelicans!


man holding fishEnvironmentally friendly and sustainable fishing is a big business off the coast of Belize. Whilst the barrier reefs and especially the Great Blue Hole are environmentally protected as UNESCO and World Heritage Sites, you can still do a spot of fishing at Long Caye and Half Moon Caye. Whether you’re looking for some flat-water adventure fishing or looking to get some deep sea fishing action in, Itza is the perfect spot.

Kayaking at Glover's Reef Atoll in Belize

Whether Kayaking or paddle boarding, the Itza Resort offers you these relaxing forms of transportation from any beach you find yourself on. Whether you’re looking for some strenuous exercise or just for a moment of quiet out on the great blue, the calm seas of the Caribbean offer one of the best terrain for board based transport.

belize safety corridor
Itza Resort is Gold Standard Certified by Belize Tourism Board

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