Tips for Deep Sea Fishing in Belize

Naturally, when staying at the diving resorts in Belize, you’ll be faced with a wide range of opportunities to go fishing. With the beautiful open sea and idyllic beaches, Itza resort gives you the opportunity to swim, dive, and fish in the pristine corals of the Caribbean Sea. Located 50 miles off the coast of Belize, you will be faced with such fantastic areas such as the Great Blue Hole and Long Caye coral reefs. Apart from Great Blue Hole Belize Diving, there are plenty of opportunities to fish, but here we are going to focus on what to expect when deep sea fishing in the area, alongside some tips and tricks to make the most of your trip.

Deep sea fishing in Long Caye

When staying at the Itza Belize beach resort, you’ll have many opportunities to deep sea fish. Located just a five-minute boat ride off the coast, you’ll find spots where you can fish with over 2000 meter depths. The undisturbed sea of the Belize coast gives you ample opportunity to explore the beautiful scenery and fish off the coastline.

What boat should you use?

deep sea fishing boat

The perfect boat for deep sea fishing can be up to 17 feet in length. The reason for this is that it must be able to withstand big waves and large catches, being a durable vessel for longer trips. Whilst a deep sea fishing vessel needn’t be fast, it is must be able to maintain slower speeds to lure larger fish.

Fish you can expect

man holding fish

There are two variations of fish you can expect to catch when deep sea fishing. Each set have their own unique characteristics and quirks, as well as having their own specific tastes.

Deep sea fish

deep sea fishThe deep-sea fish variation is a fish which lives and stays at the sea bed. These fish rarely come up to the surface and make their homes across the floor of the ocean. These types of fish include the dusky grouper, red grouper, dentex, and red porgy. The grouper has a mild, flaky taste and is one of the most popular deep-sea fish to catch.

Mobile fish

tuna fish-itzaMobile fish types are fish which can live on all levels of the sea, ranging from shallow to deep. These fish include the swordfish, tuna and amber jacks. These fish are more popular to eat than the deep-sea fish, in part because they are often easier to catch and more abundant to fishing vessels.

Fishing tackle

fish tackling -itzaThere are several techniques to deep sea fishing and a range of rods you can use. Trolling rods usually weigh between 30 and 50 lbs. and can reach 7 feet in length. These rods are strong and durable, to fight and catch bigger fish. Bottom fishing rods are usually longer, and are mostly used for deep sea fishing, especially at the sea bed. The ancient Japanese art of jigging is a simple form of deep-sea fishing and requires only a rod, reel and braided line.


  • What kind of bait do you use for deep sea fishing in belize?

Dropping down standard frozen baits such as squid, ballyhoo or sardines are going to get you into fish. If you’re using live bait while targeting grouper, try goggle eyes, blue runners and cigar minnows. For snapper, try things like grunts, pinfish and cigar minnows.

  • Do you need a fishing license to go deep sea fishing?

For freshwater and saltwater fishing, for residents and nonresidents alike licenses are required. Rates of the license vary according to what license being purchased and from which city.

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