Visit Half Moon Caye in Belize

Half-moon Caye is regarded has the ultimate snorkeling destination. Located on Lighthouse Reef Atoll and established as the country’s old protected wild sanctuary, set up to protect the reef footed booby birds. You will find amazingly clear waters to snorkeling and a beautiful island for those Instagram or Facebook monuments.

Great for both diving and snorkeling, here you will an abundance of marine life. Loggerhead turtle, Barracuda, snappers, rays and occasionally and eels or town.Go birdwatching follow the footpath to the observation deck and get a first-hand look at a red footed Booby bird. Try and spot the Belize leaf-toed gecko only found on small islands off Belize’s coast. They have been recorded of both this island and Long Caye where you will find a resort closest to Half Moon Caye.

Half Moon Caye National Monument together with the Belize Great Blue Hole a UNESCO world heritage site, makes Lighthouse reef heaven for those looking for unmatched snorkeling or diving experience. The atoll boast various species of fish, sharks, which swim along the atoll reef, 3 species of nesting turtles. At times migrating whales can be spotted near to dive site close to the island. Explore and see the many type of crustaceans that inhabits the corals lying just offshore.

When visiting this island you will find bathrooms, campgrounds, showers and a gift shop. Being a protected area, a ranger station is based on the island. 

There are plenty of reviews, blog and sites like Lonely Planet talking about all the wonders of this island. It has been featured on a postcard and posted on many websites.

Half moon Caye

A video done be Channel 5 news highest this gorgeous island and all is protection. Watch and listen as they interview a representative from the Belize Audubon Society.

History and facts about the Island

  • The island got its name from it’s crescent like shape and the white sand, together it look like the moon in the clear turquoise waters
  • Half Moon Caye was established as a wildlife protected site in 1924.
  • In 1981 it became to first Marine protected area in Central America under the Belize National Park system Act. It was then designated as a Natural Monument
  • The Southern part of the island serves as a nursery for the loggerhead, hawksbill, and green turtles which nest there between May and November.
  • Half Moon Caye is the furthest landmass east of Belize
  • Half Moon Caye Natural Monument is part of the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System World Heritage Site which was established on December 4, 1996.
  • Lighthouse Reef Atoll is the second largest atoll of Turneffe Atoll and Glovers Reef Atoll

Resort near Half Moon Caye

When searching for a place to stay on half moon caye, you will find that is best to stay in San Pedro, Belize City or simply camping on the island where you most bring everything along. One alternative you won’t find mentioned anywhere is our resort.

Located on long caye, Itza Resort is 6 minutes away from Half-moon Caye Natual Monument. Guest of Itza can enjoy snorkeling or Bird Watching on the Island or scuba dive the sites near the island or perhaps some other tours.

Itza Resort is, which is due south of Half Moon Caye, has beachfront rooms. Wake up to amazing views of the Caribbean sea and the Caye in front of You. Stay in our Sky level or Beach level rooms and enjoy just about all the amenities you would find at a resort on Belize’s mainland.

Book your chance to see Half Moon Caye in of our Belize Vacation Packages, for 3, 4 or 7 nights stay on Long Caye.

For more information about Half Moon Caye or Long Caye, feel free to message our Reservations Manager at [email protected]. Or perhaps you would like to call from the US or Canada: 1-305-600-2585.

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