How to Snorkel, in 6 Easy Steps

Make the most of your tropical holiday in Belize by experiencing the underwater world at the Great Blue Hole. There are a plethora of snorkel spots easily accessible from Lighthouse Reef Atoll accommodations such as the Itza Resort.

If this is your first time snorkeling, you may feel a little nervous, which is normal. The mask can take a little time to get used to, and you might be wary of being in open water. But it doesn’t take long to master the basics and once you discover the tranquility of a rainbow- colored coral reef teeming with curious marine life, you’ll be mesmerised. Snorkeling will introduce you to the wonders of a Great Blue Hole diving experience, so follow our simple guide to getting started.

Comfort is key

Take time to find equipment which fits you properly. The mask should cover your eyes and nose without nipping. Gently pinching and inhaling through your nose activates the suction, to limit leaks. Clamp your teeth lightly around the snorkel’s mouthpiece to hold it in place. A ‘dry’ snorkel has a covering to eliminate the chance of water entering the tube in rougher conditions. Belize beach resorts provide top quality gear to ensure you are comfortable in the water.

Practice first

Choose a calm, shallow bay and wade in from the beach on your first time. Belize beach resorts offer you the opportunity to sample snorkelling outside your beachfront room. Check your mask is fitted correctly – that it not too tight or leaking, and take time to acclimatise before you progress to deeper, choppier water and snorkel excursions from boats. You can also practice readjusting your mask as you tread shallow water and clearing fog. Once you feel at ease, kick your fins and away you go. Check out the diving package Belize for hassle free adventure.

Remember to breathe

DivingA common mistake people make when snorkeling for the first time is to hold their breath. The snorkel is there to ensure you can keep breathing exactly as you would on dry land. Holding your breath will cause you to get tired quickly.

Protect your skin

diving-bannerSnorkeling can lead to some nasty sunburn so ensure you are covered in high factor, water-resistant sunscreen and consider wearing a teeshirt and long shorts to help protect your skin. Once you’re in the water, you’ll find that time flies.

Preserve energy

Whilst snorkeling you don’t actually need to swim much. Flatten your limbs against the water and breath consistently through your snorkel and you should float on the surface, like a starfish. Fins help with buoyancy and power when you do need to move, and if you are a weak swimmer, don’t be shy to wear a buoyancy aid. It’s important not to touch the reef when snorkeling as it can lead to damage, so take care to maintain this posture.

Share the experience

DivingAlways snorkel with a buddy and keep a watchful eye on each other, especially when there is a current. It makes snorkeling more fun, too – who can spot the most fish?

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